Minister of Foreign Affairs Participates in the Preparatory Meeting of Foreign Ministers of the 33rd Summit of the Arab League Council

Manamah, Minister of Foreign Affairs Prince Faisal bin Farhan bin Abdullah participated today in the preparatory meeting of foreign ministers of the 33rd session of the Council of the League of Arab States in Manamah, Bahrain.

Prince Faisal delivere…

Manamah, Minister of Foreign Affairs Prince Faisal bin Farhan bin Abdullah participated today in the preparatory meeting of foreign ministers of the 33rd session of the Council of the League of Arab States in Manamah, Bahrain.

Prince Faisal delivered a speech in which he reiterated the Kingdom’s keenness during its presidency of the previous summit to elevate joint Arab action and enhance coordination among all member states towards developing an effective collective action to address the most important current regional and international challenges, especially the Palestinian issue, saying that this confirms the Kingdom’s firm principles in defending Arab causes and realizing the aspirations of the leaders and peoples of Arab countries for peace, stability, and development.

Prince Faisal also stressed that the Kingdom has worked since the start of the unprecedented attacks on the Palestinian people, in cooperation with brotherly and friendly countries, to exert all efforts in mobilizing international support to stop the brutal Israeli attacks and limit the repercussions of the crisis and its expansion. He pointed to the Kingdom’s hosting of the Joint Arab Islamic Extraordinary Summit and its participation with the brotherly countries in the ministerial follow-up committee that echoed to most influential capital cities and international organizations to convey a unified position supporting the brotherly Palestinian people.

Prince Faisal added that the Israeli occupational forces’ continuous aggression and violation of all international laws and norms in the absence of international accountability measures has exacerbated the scale of the humanitarian catastrophe, weakened the credibility of the rules and institutions of the international system, and exposed the total inability of international institutions to maintain international peace and security.

Prince Faisal also stressed the Kingdom’s insistence on the need for an immediate and permanent ceasefire, ensuring adequate and continuous delivery of aid and finding a credible and irreversible path to a two-state solution, ensuring that the Palestinian people obtain their inherent right to self-determination and establish their independent state on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital, under the Arab Peace Initiative and the relevant resolutions of international legitimacy.

The Foreign Affairs Minister reaffirmed the Kingdom’s ongoing efforts and full support for achieving peace in Yemen. The Minister emphasized the importance of reaching a comprehensive political solution through dialogue and consultation between the Yemeni parties. This approach will enable the commencement of the development and economic recovery process. Additionally, the Minister stressed the Kingdom’s commitment to preserving the security and safety of the Red Sea region, ensuring freedom of navigation, and preventing further crises in the region.

As for Sudan, he expressed the Kingdom’s deep concern about the continued military operations and the resulting humanitarian suffering. He reiterated the Kingdom’s call for a return to dialogue to reach a political solution that spares the brothers from the horrors of war and that the solution to the Sudanese crisis is a Sudanese-Sudanese political solution that respects the sovereignty and unity of Sudan and its national institutions.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs also highlighted the resumption of the Syrian delegation’s participation in the 32nd Arab Summit, emphasizing the importance of achieving security and stability in Syria, respecting its sovereignty, territorial unity, and Arab identity. Furthermore, efforts to facilitate the voluntary and safe return of refugees and combat terrorist organizations, armed militias, and drug smuggling were also emphasized.

He also expressed the Kingdom’s support for the Lebanese people and urged all Lebanese parties to prioritize the public interest by implementing comprehensive political and economic reforms to overcome the country’s crises.

The Minister also reiterated the Kingdom’s call for security and stability in Libya, emphasizing the importance of ensuring its sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity and ending interference in its internal affairs. He also expressed the Kingdom’s hope for a future of security and stability in Somalia.

Several officials were present at the meeting.

Source: Saudi Press Agency