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Ministry of Commerce & Industry seizes 13,000 expired packages at a company specialized in distributing and selling frozen food products

The Ministry of Commerce & Industry conducted an inspection campaign in various regions of the country on a number of commercial companies specialized in distributing and selling frozen food products.

The investigations resulted in the seizure of about 13,000 expired packages at a company, against which a violation was issued for concealing the validity dates of the expired products, replacing them with new validity dates, and distributing them to outlets. This practice comes in violation of the provisions of Article No. (6) of Law No. (8) of 2008 on Consumer Protection. Article No. (6) stipulates that: “No defective or adulterated commodity shall be sold, displayed, presented, promoted or advertised. The commodity shall be deemed to be adulterated or defective where it does not conform to the prescribed standard specifications, is unfit for use, or has expired.”

The inspection campaign forms part of the Ministry’s efforts to protect consumer rights, monitor markets and commercial activities across Qatar and control prices, as well as detect abuses and identify commodities that are falsified, counterfeit or non-conforming to standard specifications.

The Ministry stressed that it would not tolerate any negligence in terms of meeting obligations stipulated in Law No. (8) of 2008 on Consumer Protection, and its executive regulations.

The Ministry assured that it intends to intensify its inspection campaigns to control violating practices. Any party who violates laws andMinisterial decisions will be referred to the relevant authorities, who would respond appropriately against violators to protect consumer rights.

Source: Ministry of Commerce and Industry