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Ministry of Municipality announces organizing The Second Waste Management Conference & Exhibition On 13th and 14th of June 2022

Ministry of Municipality announced organizing ?The Second Waste Management? Conference and Exhibition under the auspices of the ministry of Municipality H.E. Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz bin Turky Al Subaie on the 13th and 14th of June 2022.

This announcement was during a press conference held on (Wednesday) 25/ 5/ 2022 in the presence of Eng./ Hamad Jassim Al- Bahar Director of Waste Management Department at the Ministry of Municipality, Mr. Abdul Rahman Yousef Al Abdul Jabbar Director of Radiation and Chemical Protection Department at the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, a number of officials, journalists and representatives of the local media.

Eng. Hamad Jassim Al Bahar Director of Waste Management Department at the Ministry of Municipality assured that the organization of the Second Waste Management Conference and Exhibition comes in implementation of the sustainable strategic plan of the Ministry of Municipality, according to Qatar National Vision 2030 and supporting the Zero Waste Campaign launched by the Ministry during February of this year which will continue for a whole year under the slogan of (Less Waste.. A Beautiful City).

He added that through this conference the Ministry aims at developing Waste Management System, highlighting the latest methods of waste management, energy production, recyclable materials and fertilizers production. The Ministry also aspires to raise awareness, support the idea of community partnership to preserve sustainability, and to encourage investment in this domain as the conference attracts many governmental institutes, private sector, international and regional entities to learn about the latest technology in the field of waste management, treatment and disposal.

Furthermore, an accompanying exhibition will be organized in which several governmental and quasi- governmental institutions in addition to local, regional and international companies and factories in the field of waste management will participate.

Over two days, the event will bring together a group of the local, regional and international experts and speakers to discuss the circular economy in addition to various presentations and seminars through which the Qatari strategy of waste treatment, modern regulations of waste management and recycle in Qatar will be discussed. The legislations and laws related to waste and others will also be introduced.

Source: Ministry of Municipality