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Ministry of Municipality distinguish participates in Dhow Boat Festival

The Ministry of Municipality, represented by the Department of Fisheries, participated in Katara Dhow Boat Festival ? 11th Edition launched on Tuesday (November 30th) and celebrated till December 18th, with the participation of the State of Qatar and 8 other Countries.

The Ministry?s booth demonstrated the efforts of the Fisheries Department in the field of enhancing and developing fisheries through fish farming in the Aquatic & Fisheries Research Center, supporting and developing the fishing regulations, preserving the fishery reserve and raising the awareness of the public regarding the important legislations and requirements for practicing fishing, using fish nets, fishing boats, fish species, etc. ?

The booth comprises maquettes and photographs of the boats, vessels and fishing nets, in addition to displays showing information and pictures defining the fish?s species living in Qatari maritime environment.

Source: Ministry of Municipality