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Ministry of Transport Wraps Up “Qatar Access Management Guidelines” Workshop

The Ministry of Transport (MOT) held a workshop today on the Qatar Access Management Guidelines (QAMG) project, attended by representatives of several government entities and agencies, as well as consultancy firms and strategic partners.

The workshop, which provided an overview of the guidelines in production, its components, latest updates on progress, and international and regional access management best practices, was a platform for participants to share their feedback and views with relation to accessibility to the lots and areas, as well as laying out access management criteria for the lots located on local roads, highways, and expressways in Qatar.

Commenting on the occasion, MOTs Land Transport Planning Department Acting Director Saleh Saeed Al Marri said: “The cooperation the stakeholders and strategic partners showed to MOT in this workshop will contribute to achieving the project objectives in terms of laying out uniform executive actions for access management in Qatar and identifying a reference base for examining and releasing approvals, as well as the possibility of improving the current access.” The primary objective of the QAMG project is to update the current access management chapter of the Qatar Highway Design Manual (QHDM 2020). The update is expected to provide a comprehensive framework to manage accessibility appropriately, safely, and effectively in the roadway system and land development projects, including redevelopment.

Other QAMG project objectives include developing access management policies and regulations, providing direction to local authorities, consultants, developers, and planners to address existing access deficiencies and to meet forecast future access demand based on international and regional access management best practices. The project also aims at providing uniformity related to the management of both permanent and temporary access within the State of Qatar and promoting traffic safety at access locations across the country.

Source: Qatar News Agency