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More than 100 Journalists and 10 Channels Covering AlUla Camel Cup

AlUla Camel Cup enjoys extensive satellite and digital media coverage, with more than 100 media professionals from around the world attending the race, in addition to direct satellite broadcasting through more than 10 media outlets and in several languages.

The organizing committee of the tournament prepared an integrated media center to serve more than 100 media professionals who can work simultaneously in a 20X20 cubic meter area, in addition to the 30 X 20 cubic meter studio located next to the main track of the tournament runs.

The center includes screens directly connected to the event and the accompanying studio, direct transmission from the heritage village dedicated to the accompanying events, and all the services that media professionals need, like an open buffet around the clock, sessions to receive guests, holding press and satellite interviews, and many other services. The organizers will also allocate volunteers for translation in different languages, especially English, Spanish, and French.

Source: Saudi Press Agency