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Ms. Abeer Al Khalifa: QF continues to provide comprehensive academic experience and our goal is to build global student

Ms. Abeer Al Khalifa, President of Pre-University Education (PUE) division at Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), has announced a plan to expand QF’s schools to include additional classrooms at Qatar Academy Al Khor and Qatar Academy Al Wakra (QAW). This aims to accommodate registration applications, which have significantly increased, particularly in Awsaj and Renad Academy.

She pointed out that QF’s schools, which are including nowadays 7500 male and female students from different nationalities, continue to provide a comprehensive academic experience based on lifelong learning, since QF seeks to build a global student.

She noted that qualitative education provided by QF schools requires attracting people with the best competencies and skills, since there are currently 1500 employees working in PUE; 30% are males and 70% are females who represent 78 nationalities and work on providing an integrated educational experience.

Source: Government of Qatar