RIDGEFIELD, N.J., Sept. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MYLE Vape, is excited and proud to announce the opening of an office and warehouse facility in Dubai to service one of our most loyal and dedicated markets, the UAE & the Middle East.

MYLE Office In Dubai

Since its conception in 2015, MYLE has been embraced by the UAE community, and over the years, this market has been one of our strongest markets in terms of loyalty and market share. The dedicated customer base helped build MYLE into a global leader and strategically, this move positions us in a market with boots on the ground and allows us to be hands on in a market that only continues to grow.

“This move has been in the works for some time and we could not be happier to announce this opening. We have been operating from afar for too long, traveling back and forth from the USA multiple times a year, and it has become critical to the growth of our business that we made a serious move to building a major operations center in the UAE.” claims Ariel Gorelik, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

MYLE Vape, a global vape company launched in 2015, was created to provide a secure and desirable alternative to combustible cigarettes, that is pleasurable for the consumer in terms of ease of use, customization and durability.

The decades of industry experience the executive team brings to MYLE Vape combined with a world class manufacturing team and a research and development budget that has consistently grown since MYLE Vape’s inception, has allowed for world renowned design and technological innovation. MYLE Vape manufactures disposables, additional pod systems, rechargeable devices and vape accessories that are distributed globally outside the United States.

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Myle Vape
Avi Panchal
General Manager, Middle East Operations

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