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One death and injuries – the occupation continues its aggression against Al-Fara’a camp

Tubas – Ma’an – The occupation forces continue their aggression against Al-Far’a camp, south of Tubas, and confrontations and clashes break out in the place.

Violent confrontations broke out in the camp, during which the occupation forces fired bullets at citizens and their homes, which led to the death of the child Mahmoud Ibrahim Nabrisi (15 years old), and the wounding of 5 other citizens with various injuries.

The occupation forces blew up a number of vehicles inside the camp during the raid that continued for hours.

The occupation bulldozers also continued to carry out demolition and bulldozing operations inside Al-Fara’a camp.

The occupation forces destroyed the infrastructure in the camp, and swept away some sewage, electricity and water lines.

The occupation forces surrounded Al-Far’a camp, and prevented citizens from entering or leaving it, amid hearing explosions and heavy gunfire.

Source: Maan News Agency