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OPPO Released Always-on Moment Videos and Launched ‘Good Company’ Events at Service Centers

During the past June and July, OPPO released three video clips which were originated from real user stories of different countries and regions and enjoyed great popularity among users. The first one- Together We Create – showed the experience of elderly users who have learned how to use smartphones with the help of service advisors; the next video- A Chance Meeting- was the story of a repair technician helping an uber driver to find and solve GPS problems while sitting in the users’ car; while the third video – Reunion- showed how an OPPO service staff visited users’ home and returned the phone to her who encountered special circumstances. Through these ordinary everyday challenges, OPPO creates touching moments with its users.

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Whether it is a special case or daily routine, all the stories have shown OPPO’s service motto “Care & Reach”, constantly removing the barrier between customers and OPPO products by empowering OPPO users with simple ‘How-to’ guidance and convenience brought by advanced technology.

In addition, OPPO also held “Good Company in June” offline activities in Malaysia, Philippines, Pakistan, Egypt, Tunisia, and some other countries and regions, encouraging users to take their parents to OPPO Service Centers and clear up their confusion on the daily use of cell phones, or fully master a new function. Meanwhile, they could also choose to accompany their parents to upgrade software and maintain their devices free of charge as well. The month-long event aimed at inspiring users to bring their parents more care and companionship. And with this event, there were lots of moms and dads who solved various smartphone usage problems and discovered many convenient and interesting phone features with the help of OPPO service staff.

This initiative demonstrates OPPO’s commitment to providing thoughtful services and delivering a hassle-free user experience while empowering the older generation to take charge of their devices – they too can be tech-savvy.

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Yvonne Zhang