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Premiere Inc. Announces Exclusive Agency Agreement with AlMansoori

HOUSTON, May 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Premiere Inc., a Houston-based oilfield service company specializing in safe and efficient delivery of casing and tubing services, today signed an exclusive agency agreement with AlMansoori, a leading oilfield services provider based in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

The agreement, first of its kind for both parties, covers the MENA region for the sales of Premiere Torque Rings (PTR™) and Tubing Running Services equipment.

“We are proud to announce this major growth milestone for a small Houston-based company. AlMansoori has a large footprint and a proven track record of success,” said Mr. Reddy Godula, Premiere Inc. CEO. “Our expansion in the region will allow us not only to grow our client-base, but also to contribute to the U.S. economy by boosting exports of the U.S.-manufactured equipment, rather than importing components into the U.S. Houston has always been a major hub for top notch energy innovation and, rightfully deserving its “energy capital of the world” title.”

“The race to close the gap between supply and demand has left operators in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA region) scrambling to secure enough materials and services to be able to deliver on their ambitious production growth targets,” commented Ibrahim Al-Alawi, Deputy CEO of AlMansoori. “To help them drill more wells quicker without being impacted by resource constraints we partner with innovative companies from across the globe to introduce productivity-enhancing technology that will ultimately save our clients time and money.”.

The proprietary Premiere Torque Ring (PTR™) is an innovative, patented technology enabling semi-premium connection performance at a significantly reduced cost. The addition of PTR™ creates a positive shouldered makeup identical to a semi-premium connection, allowing the API certified pipe to be run, rotated, and reciprocated at a significantly greater torque value without the thread damages risk.

About Premiere Inc
Premiere Inc. is a leading global oilfield service company specializing in safe and efficient casing and tubing services. It has been setting the industry standards for four decades by offering superior service and innovation to its growing global client base.

About AlMansoori
AlMansoori has been leading the U.A.E. oilfield services sector for nearly 50 years, with a workforce of over 4000 employees in 15 countries. It provides a range of oilfield services and takes pride in its service quality and safety record.

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