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Presidency of Two Holy Mosques Affairs Announces Readiness Plan for Last Ten Days of Ramadan

The General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Holy Mosque and the Prophet’s Holy Mosque geared up its readiness to offer worshippers the spiritual rituals to be witnessed in the last ten days of Ramadan through a plan that will mobilize all human resources and operational equipment, to facilitate the mission for Umrah performers and ensure tranquility and reassurance mood.

The Presidency indicated that the number of worshipers and Umrah performers reached more than 950,000 on a daily basis since the beginning of Ramadan.

The Presidency stated that it will intensify the cleansing and sterilization operations, as the Grand Mosque will be washed ten times daily, a process to be carried out by more than 4000 male and female workers.

Each disinfection process consumes more than 80,000 liters of disinfectants, and 1,600 liters of fresheners, while sterilization operations are carried out around the clock using approximately 15,000 liters.

More than 70 field teams have been equipped to work 24 hours a day to sterilize all sides and corners of the Grand Mosque and all its outdoor yards, using environment friendly materials, and more than 500 automatic hand sanitizers.

The plan is to double the distribution of Zamzam water bottles to the musallas, the Mataf courtyard and the surrounding yards, with about 200,000 packages distributed at the Mataf courtyard by special vehicles, in addition to the distribution of about 200 bags in Al-Masaa (the connecting path between the hills of Safa and Marwa), the funeral musalla, the musalla of people with disabilities in the first floor and, the King Fahd expansion, as well as the expansion of King Abdullah.

The general entrances and stairs will also be supported by teams who carry cylindrical Zamzam water bags, with number about 370 bags and more than 1,400 workers.

There will be observers to be positioned on the main corridors and branching corridors assigned to facilitate the movement of worshippers inside the Grand Mosque.

The Presidency provides transportation services to serve the visitors of the holy Kaaba by providing more than 5000 regular vehicles, and nearly 3000 electric ones for Umrah performers and visitors of the Grand Mosque, that will be available at the first level of Al-Masaa and can be reached through four entrances of the Grand Mosque.

The Presidency also deployed more than 160 observers at the gates of the Grand Mosque during the Ramadan season, and opened 160 doors to receive worshipers and direct them to their desired destinations.

Concerning operation and maintenance, the Presidency has provided more than 90 engineers and technicians from the national cadres in the Grand Mosque of Makkah and its courtyards, with more than 200 electric stairs and 14 elevators, as well as a sound system consisting of about 8000 speakers and 9 loudspeakers, managed by a supervision device.

The Presidency stressed that worshipers and Umrah performers should adhere to the instructions of the Grand Mosque, within the framework to make the best of the religious rituals and achieving tranquility, during the performance of worship.

It highlighted that cooperation with security men and employees of the Presidency is necessary to maintain security and safety inside the Grand Mosque, in addition to adherence with their instructions to achieve the best religious experience during their visit to the Grand Mosque.

Source: Saudi Press Agency