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President of Libyan Presidential Council Calls for Adopting Unified Stance vis-à-vis Situation in Libya

President of the Libyan Presidential Council Mohamed Yunus Al-Menfi called on the Arab leaders to adopt a unified stance vis-à-vis the situation in Libya, to help bring about the departure of all mercenaries, foreign fighters, and forces from Libyan lands, stop negative and non-constructive interference, and support a peaceful, democratic transfer of power.

Speaking today before the Arab League Council meeting at the 32nd Arab Summit held in Jeddah, Al-Menfi reiterated the importance of dialogue to implement the road map emanating from the political dialogue and achieve its goals, in order to strengthen political legitimacy through parliamentary and presidential elections and to avoid any action that would deepen divisions in Libya.

He affirmed support for all individual and collective efforts to achieve Arab solidarity and remove differences among Arab countries and praised the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s efforts to bring about Arab reunification, which led to the convening of the Jeddah Arab summit with all league members present, as well as the Kingdom’s role in reaching a comprehensive solution in Yemen that ends the crisis by having the legitimate government and the Houthis reach an agreement.

Source: Saudi Press Agency