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Prime Minister: Syria has entered the phase of openness and constructive and productive cooperation

Prime Minister Hussein Arnous said that Syria has entered a new stage of openness and constructive and productive cooperation.

Delivering a speech at the People Assembly’s session on Sunday, Arnous said that “We hope that this phase is the prelude to the end of the suffering of our people resulting from the unjust unilateral sanctions and the looting of their natural wealth by the US occupation and its agents in eastern Syria.”

Regarding the government’s response to the aftermath of the earthquakes, Arnous explained that the State institutions faced an additional challenge and a new test of a different and unprecedented type.

“It was challenging in terms of time and material, financial and human resources, exhausted by the long war on terror,” he said.

The Premier revealed that the earthquake disaster caused the death of 1,414 people and injuries 2,367, while 1,553 were rescued from under the rubble.

He indicated that the number of families affected rose to 224,762 with a total of more than one million people, while the number of families in shelter centers is 1,348 families.

Arnous added that the number of uninhabitable buildings as a result of the earthquakes was 9,194, and must be demolished, while 66,889 buildings require reinforcement and 140,386 are safe buildings.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency