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Prince Mohammed bin Salman Project for Development of Historical Mosques to Renovate 900-Year-Old Abu Inbeh Mosque

The Prince Mohammed bin Salman Project for Development of Historical Mosques, in its second phase, aims to preserve a more than 900-year-old urban heritage by renovating Jeddah’s Abu Inbeh Mosque, which is thought to have been built before the year 544 AH. The project aims to strengthen the Islamic civilization of the Kingdom and restore life to sites that had a historical and social impact in shaping its human, cultural and intellectual surroundings, and to revive the religious, cultural and social role of historical mosques.

The project will restore Abu Inbeh Mosque in the architectural style of the western region, by developing the facades of the mosque. Specifically targeted are the Rawashin and the Mashrabiyas, which use the finest wood panels to cover windows and external openings, including balconies. They also have important environmental functions, such as repelling direct sunlight and allowing air to cool the mosque.

The building is characterized by the architectural style of the western region that is meant to withstand the surrounding natural conditions on the coast. Historical mosques in the region are architectural masterpieces that reflect an elaborate building culture consisting of molded bricks, gypsum, and wood, which is a prominent element since the early 14th century AH.

The Prince Mohammed bin Salman Project aims to achieve a balance between ancient and modern construction standards in a way that gives the components of mosques an appropriate degree of sustainability and integrates the effects of development with a set of heritage and historical characteristics. The development process is being carried out by Saudi companies and Saudi engineers specializing in heritage buildings.

Abu Inbeh Mosque is one of 30 mosques that the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Project will renovate in its second phase in all 13 regions of the Kingdom, including six mosques in Riyadh, five mosques in Makkah, four mosques in Madinah, three in Asir, two in each of the Eastern Region, Al-Jouf, and Jazan, and one mosque in each of the Northern Borders Region, Tabuk, Al-Baha, Najran, Hail, and Al-Qassim.

The first phase of the project, completed earlier, included the renovation and restoration of 30 historical mosques in 10 regions.

The Prince Mohammed bin Salman Project for the Development of Historical Mosques serves four strategic objectives: restoration of historical mosques for worship and prayer, restoration of the urban authenticity of historical mosques, highlighting the cultural dimension of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and enhancing the religious and cultural status of historical mosques.

The project contributes to highlighting the cultural and civilizational extent of the Kingdom as one of the pillars of the Saudi Vision 2030 by preserving authentic urban characteristics and utilizing them to contribute to the development of modern mosque designs.

Source: Saudi Press Agency