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QatarDebate Organizes 5th Debate Capacity Building Program in New York

Doha: QatarDebate organized the 5th Debate Capacity Building Program at Colombia University, in New York City, in collaboration with the US Arabic Debate Union, a QatarDebate initiative.

The program was held to support and sustain the work of the US Arabic Debate Union, engaging in this edition 40 participants from 50 prestigious educational institutions.

The Debate Capacity Building Program focuses on enhancing participants’ fundamental skills with regard to training, teaching, community participation, effective debate tournament organization, and the union’s managerial matters, in addition to empowering a selected group of participants in leading debate activities in the Arabic language in the United States.

Instructed by trainers Saad Al Assad and Mohamed Abu Sneineh, the 5th Debate Capacity Building Program included discussions of the unions annual plans, as well as debating advanced workshops, arbitration, and skill training, in addition to organizational skills training meant to equip participants w
ith the set of skills needed to successfully and independently hold debate programs and events all year long to maintain continuity.

Commenting on the program’s significance, QatarDebate Programs Director Abdulrahman Al Subaie said that this capacity-building program manifests QatarDebate’s goal of community capacity building and expanding its network in the US and the world as a whole.

Source: Qatar News Agency