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Qatar’s CPI Records Annual Increase of 0.71% in April 2024

Doha: The Consumer Price Index (CPI) of April 2024 reached 107.12 points showing an increase of 0.42% when compared to CPI of March 2024. Compared to CPI of April 2023, Y-o-Y basis, an increase of 0.71% has been recorded in the general index (CPI) of this month.

The CPI – which measures inflation – includes 12 main groups of consumer goods that have a total of 737 commodities and services. It is calculated using the base year 2018 based on the data of the household income and expenditure survey 2017-2018.

When comparing the main components of CPI for the month of April 2024, with the previous month March 2024 (Monthly change), it is found that, there were five groups increased, six groups decreased, and one group remained unchanged, the National Planning Council said in a press release Monday.

The groups showed increased as a follow: “Recreation and Culture” by 2.75%, “Clothing and Footwear” by 2.06%, “Miscellaneous Goods and Services” by 1.80%, “Furniture and Household Equipment” by 0.58%, and “Food and B
everages” by 0.32%.

A decrease has been recorded in “Restaurants and Hotels” by 1.47%, “Communication” by 1.15%, “Health” by 0.43%, “Housing, Water, Electricity and other Fuel” and “Transport” by 0.17% each, and “Education” by 0.06%. “Tobacco” remained flat at the last months price level.

A comparison of the CPI, April 2024 with the CPI, April 2023 (Annual Change), an increase has been recorded in the general index (CPI) by 0.71%. This Y-o-Y price increase is primary due to the prices rising in five groups namely: “Recreation and Culture” by 10.03% “Education” by 3.42%, “Food and Beverages” by 3.20%, “Miscellaneous Goods and Services” by 2.32%, and “Transport” by 1.21%.

A decrease has been shown in price levels in “Communication” by 11.82%, “Housing, Water, Electricity and other Fuel by 2.95%, “Health” by 1.77%, “Furniture and Household Equipment” by 1.54%, “Restaurants and Hotels” by 1.34%, and “Clothing and Footwear” by 0.55%.

The CPI of April 2024 excluding “Housing, Water, Electricity and other Fuel”
group stands at 110.18 points, recorded an increase of 0.57% when compared to the index of March 2024. Compared with its counterpart in 2023, the CPI of April index increased by 1.60%.

Source: Qatar News Agency