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QF’s Awsaj Academy Celebrates Graduation of Prime Program Class of 2024

Doha: Awsaj Academy, a member of Qatar Foundation (QF), hosted a graduation ceremony to celebrate the 324 graduates of the Prime Program Class of 2024.

In a statement on Monday, QF said that the Prime Program is an evening initiative by Awsaj Academy designed to support high school students with learning difficulties in both public and private schools, with the goal of enriching their educational experience and guiding them toward lifelong success.

In this context, Executive Director of Special Schools and SEN Services at QF Mark Hughes said: “It gives me great pleasure to congratulate our students as we celebrate their graduation from the Awsaj Academy Prime Program.

“Their strong commitment and determination in achieving this significant milestone in their lives, after a long journey of striving to learn, progress, and realize their many gifts and talents, are truly commendable. Their hard work and perseverance led to this success,” Hughes added.

Remarking on the broader impact of the Prime Program, Hug
hes said: “The role of the Prime Program has not been limited to providing knowledge and skills, but has also extended to building our students’ self-confidence, belief in their abilities, and pride in their achievements.” Expressing his hope that the skills and confidence gained through the program will help the graduates tackle future challenges successfully, he continued: “I hope this has equipped our students to face the future challenges of academic and professional life with confidence and optimism.” In turn, graduate students expressed their great pride and gratitude for the various efforts made that brought them to this moment, noting the importance of the program from which they learned the importance of steadfastness in the face of challenges, the power of cooperation, and the appreciation of diversity.

Source: Qatar News Agency