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QOC employees competences training program concludes

DOHA – The second edition of the QOC employees competences training program (Olympic Principles) was concluded at the Doha Institute For Graduate Studies headquarters on Thursday .

The five-day training program was organized by the Qatar Olympic Committee’s Human Resources and Administrative Affairs Department in cooperation with Doha Institute For Graduate Studies from 22nd to 26th of May.

This productive course brought together 26 trainees from the QOC’s heads of sections and units and mainly shed lights on an integrated work project titled (My Global Qatari Identity) to help building an advanced criteria will reflect the Qatari identity globally.

Dr. Mona Babti from training Department of Excellence Center For Training and Consulting and Dr. Ashraf Al Saqa Matar , Media Consultant and Training Expert have delivered a series of presentations about the Olympic principles with a new interactive and creative concept .

The course main objectives how to set up organizational networks for human relations inside the committee, how to manage the challenges , how to build up a formative identity of the QOC staff and how to enhance a global concept through a Qatari identity.

Source: Qatar Olympic Committee