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QRCS Pays M&E Visits to Its Projects in Yemen

As part of the ongoing monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of the projects carried by offices and representations of Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) abroad, a delegation from QRCS paid an M&E visit to the Society’s projects and services it carries in Yemen.

The delegation visited Al-Rahbi and Al-Hafi health centers in Sana’a, to ensure the provision of medical services agreed upon with the management of the two centers, and to listen to a brief explanation of the support provided by QRCS within the “Health Care for Refugees” project, which provides medicine and medical supplies.

The Delegation also visited the project of building a shelter for the most vulnerable families in the Governorate of Rima, and received a briefing from its beneficiaries on how the project contributes to solving the shelter problem for them. The delegation also checked on the health facilities supported by QRCS in Taiz and Al-Hudeidah Governorates.

The M&E delegation was also briefed on the status of the dialysis center in the city of Zabid in Al-Hodeidah governorate, the process of starting the supply of medicines, medical devices and equipment and the necessary operating expenses.

Moreover, the delegation visited the drinking water projects in the governorates (Ibb and Taiz), as part of the Qatari Crescents interventions in the water sector over 3 phases to implement and rehabilitate 320 projects, including drilling and rehabilitation of artesian and surface wells equipped with pumping systems powered by solar energy.

Source: Qatar News Agency