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Releasing Building Requirements Guide in the State of Qatar – V 2.0

The Ministry of Municipality, released the Building Requirements Guide in the State of Qatar – V 2.0 after adding several important enhancements, upgrades and adjuncts that serves the purposes of construction and buildings sectors.

Eng. Saad Abdul Karim Al-Qahtani, Director of the Building Permits Complex Department, said that releasing the second edition of Building Requirements Guide in the State of Qatar was instructed by H.E. Dr. Abdulla bin Abdulaziz bin Turki Al Subaie, the Minister of Municipality. H.E.? instructions ordered to proceed with routine review of the Building Requirements Guide in the State of Qatar, in order to keep the guide continuously updated considering the fast-paced urban development in the State of Qatar, and in aims to fulfill the needs of developers, engineering consultancy firms and the stakeholders in the building and construction sector. Also, the release of the updated edition is considered to be the continuation of the Ministry? journey to upgrade all its sectors. Moreover, this Guide crowns the efforts of the development team in various engineering disciplines within the Ministry, as they have worked for three (3) years in this endeavor ever since December 2018.

Eng. Saad added that this Guide is a comprehensive document covering all planning, organizational and design requirements for buildings, as this document addresses all the stakeholders in the construction and building sector within the State of Qatar, including nationals, investors and engineering consultancy firms, confirming that this Guide is considered to be one of the most significant projects undertaken by the Ministry in light of its strategic plan and Qatar National Vision 2030.

Source: Ministry of Municipality