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Russian historian: Syria’s return to Arab League, is a victory for Syrian people resilience

The Russian historian Sergey Medvedev stressed that Syria’s return to the Arab League is a victory for the resilience of the Syrian people, the Arab wisdom and Syria’s friends, particularly Russia which has been always standing by it.

Syria’s return means defeat of the United States, which, along with its Western allies, has lost the bet against Syria and failed to subjugate the Syrian people, Medvedev said in an interview with SANA correspondent in Moscow .

Vice-Chairman of the Association of Russian diplomats Andrey Baklanov, in turn, expressed his country’s support for the Arab consensus on Syria’s return to the Arab League.

The Syrian decision to fight international terrorism proved that it is true and realistic, Baklanov said, stressing that Syria has the right to defend itself and fight the West-backed terrorism.

Russia had a consistent policy of standing by the Syrian people and leadership, the Russian diplomat said.

Baklanov pointed out to the necessity of resolving all other issues, including withdrawal of US and Turkish forces from the Syrian territory, and eleminating all difficulties left by the war and its repercussions in various aspects of economic and social life in Syria.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency