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Say Hello to Wonders: Midea Wows Middle East with New Inverter Wonder AC

  • First inverter window AC cools like a split AC with wide range flash cooling, energy-saving features, and ultra-quiet operation

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, June 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Window air conditioner is a mainstay category in households throughout the Middle East. Yet despite ubiquity, these window ACs are noisy, inefficient, inconvenient to operate, and deliver uneven cooling. In response to these challenges, Midea has introduced its new Wonder AC, the first inverter window AC designed specifically for Middle East households.

The Midea Wonder AC is a product that truly fulfills the wishes of consumers in the region. Over 700 local consumers were involved in the design and development of the product. It cools like a split AC, and features wide range flash cooling, energy-saving features, ultra-quiet operation, and smart control.

Exclusively-designed  wide range flash cooling

Traditional window ACs have a small air outlet and a limited cooling range, so it takes longer time to cool down to desired temperature and it cools unevenly. The Midea Wonder AC addresses these pain points with an innovative air outlet design that looks like split AC and is 10% larger than traditional window units, so consumers can enjoy even whole-room coverage and a further cooling distance of up to 9.5 meters. With enlarged rotation angles horizontally & vertically, it cools more than 63% wider than traditional window ACs – 68% of consumers consider it’s the most appealing point from Midea’s research – conveniently cooling every corner of your room.

Moreover, an innovative CoolFlash feature was thoughtfully developed for the Middle East market, and was certified by the TÜV Rheinland. With one press of the CoolFlash button, Midea Wonder AC can cool a room by six degrees centigrade in 10 minutes, allowing users to instantly enjoy cool air 34% faster than traditional window units.*

First inverter window AC saves up to 26% energy

According to consumer research, 63% of consumers were attracted by energy-saving function of a window AC. Midea Wonder AC is the first inverter window AC engineered with T3 compressor technology, which saves up to 26% energy compared to traditional on/off window units. Fully compliant with SASO standards and specifications, the Wonder AC is energy-efficient and cost-effective. *

Four times quieter operations

Unlike other window ACs, the Midea Wonder AC is constructed differently to cut off the humming noise and achieve quiet operations as low as 39dB in low fan mode. Even in high fan mode, the unit remains four times quieter than traditional window units. This whisper-quiet cooling enables users to enjoy an undisturbed sleep, or watch a show without the whirring noise of an AC in the background.*

Easy usage with smart features and value-added accessories

Usually traditional window ACs require manual operation, but Midea Wonder AC is convenient and hassle-free to use. The remote controller and wireless capabilities enable users to change the settings anytime, anywhere using the Midea MSmarthome App, or control the devices through Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Hot summer needs wonder cool! The Midea Wonder AC is now available in the Middle East. Check out Midea for the best and wonderful summer cooling!

*Lab tests verified by TÜV Rheinland (ID:1111247757)

*Data calculated based on CSEC according to SASO 2663:2021

*Data calculated based on ISO 3745-2010, ISO13261-1-1998

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