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Social Affairs Minister, Palestinian Endowments Minister discuss means to support quake victims

Syria and Palestine discussed Sunday the repercussions of the earthquake which has jolted the country, and the national campaign “help them” launched by Palestinian people to collect donations to support the Syrians and address their needs during this difficult stage.

That came during a meeting which brought together Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Mohamed Seif El-Din, Palestinian Minister of Endowments and Religious Affairs Hatem al-Bakri and Palestinian Ambassador in Damascus, Samir al-Rifai.

Seif El-Din thanked the Palestinian leadership and people for supporting Syria which has been the main supporter throughout history for the just causes of the Palestinians and has given them all privileges of citizenship on its territory.

He stressed that Palestine will remain Syria’s main cause till the Palestinian people restore their rights.

Minister Seif El-Din touched on the effects of terrorist war and the unjust embargo imposed on Syria, in addition to the earthquake effects on the economy and living conditions of the Syrians.

For his part, minister al-Bakri stressed the Palestinians’ support for the Syrian leadership and people, expressing hope that Syria will return strong and practice its pioneering role in the Arab and Islamic arenas.

Source: Syria Arab News Agency