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stc Group Provides Advanced Digital Technologies in Response to the Increase of Network Usage in Madinah during Ramadan

The stc Group has expanded its network capabilities by 18% in Madinah to meet the increasing demand for its network and accommodate the rising number of visitors during the peak of Umrah season in the holy month of Ramadan.

Thanks to its prepared digital infrastructure, stc provided its advanced services and technologies to visitors in the Prophet’s Mosque. This was in response to an unprecedented increase in the number of international roaming customers who visited the Kingdom for Umrah and other purposes, recording a rise of over 13% compared to previous years.

Moreover, stc witnessed a surge of more than 90% in internet data traffic in the Prophet’s Mosque, with over one-third of the traffic being passed through 5th generation technology – a rise of 130% from the previous year.

The Group also registered an increase in a voice traffic growth by more than 22% in Madinah compared to last year, despite the significant increase in users. This reflects the high operational efficiency of the network and standard performance indicators.

stc Group continuously works on providing a unique experience to the pilgrims through its equipped and developed digital infrastructure in the Prophet’s Mosque. Additionally, all sites for serving the pilgrims and worshippers will be well-equipped to greet millions of visitors during the holy month of Ramadan. This will ensure offering a distinctive digital experience and upgrading service quality.

Source: Saudi Press Agency