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Sungrow’s 1500Vdc Turnkey Solution Operates Stably in a 100 MW Retrofit Project in Egypt

ASWAN, Egypt, Dec. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, announced recently that a 100 MW retrofit PV project with the Company’s 1500Vdc central inverter solutions has been operational for 12 months in Banben Solar Park, Egypt. Reportedly the largest retrofit PV undertaking in the MENA region, the project boosts the performance of the existing asset for customers.

100 MW Retrofit Project in Banben Solar Park, Egypt

The plant is located in one of the world’s driest and most scorching places, the eastern Sahara Desert, with ample sunshine and vast land. While frequented by sandstorms and extreme temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius, putting solar project equipment susceptible to significant wear-and-tear. In this case, the project was grid-connected in 2018 and has been suffering from malfunction and burning problems now and then due to the vulnerable quality of previous non-Sungrow inverters.

Embedded with a high protection level and smart forced air-cooling technology, the central inverter solution SG3125HV for 1500Vdc system utilized in this retrofit project can perform more efficiently and stably even in harsh environments, making it the ideal match for the plant. Optimized for large-scale utility PV plant, the solution enables high yields with maximum inverter efficiency of 99%, compatibility with tracking systems while at the same time ensures low transportation and installation cost due to standard container design. The inverter relies on integrated zone monitoring for online analysis and troubleshooting. Sungrow offers the 24/7 responsive and adept service, ensuring the sustained and reliable operation.

“It’s one of the most prominent projects we’ve joined in the MENA region. We appreciate Sungrow’s proven efficiency and reliability which will address our puzzles and increase yields at large. The inverter is the real beating heart of a project, choosing a cutting-edge inverter can contribute to the project for 25 years and beyond. By revamping and repowering, most stakeholders will reap the benefits of the boosting plant’s performance,” said Mr. Andrea Chianese, CEO of the project’s IPP.

“Sungrow takes pride in participating in this landmark retrofit project in the MENA. Our 1500Vdc solutions have been installed globally and now been applied to a new segment – retrofit market. Sungrow, ranked by BNEF as “100% bankable”, is in-placed to power more facilities and communities with growing technical innovations,” commented Alvin Shi, Managing Director of Sungrow MENA Region.

It’s reported that a 166.5 MW solar project with Sungrow inverters installed are operating well in Banben Solar Park since 2018. With the regional branch located in Dubai, the Company can provide comprehensive local sales, technical support and after-sale service at ease.

Egypt aims to source 42% of its electricity from renewables by 2035 – in line with legislation introduced in 2015. Currently, the PV market in Egypt is speeding up due to its considerable sunshine resources, government incentives and favorable investment conditions.

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