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Syria participates in the International Book Fair in Tunis

A delegation from the Arab Writers Union, headed by Dr. Mohamed Al-Hourani, participated in the cultural and literary activities held within the International Book Fair in Tunis.

In a statement to SANA, Dr. al-Hourani indicated that a day was devoted to Syrian culture, in addition to allocating six other days for culture in some Arab and foreign countries.

Dr. Al-Hourani, who moderated the dialogue in the symposium, with the participation of members of the Arab Writers Union, such as the novelist Anisa Abboud, the critic Dr. Ahmed Ali Muhammad, and the novelist Dr. Hassan Hamid, debated within the Syrian Cultural Day, how the novel dealt with the terrorist war launched against Syria, and the Western and terrorist plans to destroy the Syrian state.

The International Book Fair in Tunisia witnessed a large Arab and foreign presence, whether through accompanying cultural and literary events and heritage and folklore concerts from some countries, especially Korea, Bulgaria, Italy, Palestine and Iraq, or through the participation of Arab and international publishing houses.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency