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Syrian students in Slovakia renew solidarity with homeland’s workers

Syrian students studying in Slovakia have renewed their standing and solidarity with the workers of the motherland, Syria, and their sacrifices in the face of terrorism and aggression.

In a statement issued Sunday on the occasion of International Workers’ Day, the National Union of Syrian Students (NUSS), Slovakia branch, expressed the students’ appreciation and pride in the struggle of the homeland’s workers and their historical sacrifices against the colonialists and the terrorist and economic aggression.

The statement stressed that the workers are standing by the Syrian Arab Army in the face of terrorism to restore stability and security to the homeland.

The students stressed that the working class always proves its patriotic and national positions in a clear integration between sacrifice and the national duty to defend the land, sovereignty and dignity.

The statement underlined the importance of defending workers and their legitimate rights, calling for the solidarity and unity among the Arab workers, and for being aware of the schemes hatched against the Arab world that target its presence, present and future.

In their statement, the students warned that International Workers’ Day, which falls on tomorrow, comes in difficult circumstances and dangerous situations that threaten the Arab nation due to the spread of terrorism in the context of a conspiracy aimed at its fragmentation and the independence of its decision.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency