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The strike takes place in Tulkarem in mourning for the martyrs of Deir Al-Ghusun

Tulkarm – Ma’an – A comprehensive strike took place today, Sunday, in Tulkarm Governorate, in mourning for the martyrs of the town of Deir Al-Ghusun, who yesterday rose to the occasion of the occupation’s aggression against the town.

The strike, called for by the national and Islamic forces in the governorate, included all aspects of life in the villages, towns, suburbs and camps of Tulkarm, where shops, public and private institutions closed their doors.

Yesterday, Saturday, five young men were martyred after large forces of the occupation army besieged the Badran family’s house in the eastern neighborhood of the town of Deir Al-Ghusoun for more than 13 continuous hours, during which heavy gunfire and ‘Energa’ shells were fired, followed by the complete demolition of the house with heavy bulldozers.

The General Authority for Civil Affairs informed the Ministry of Health of the names of four martyrs detained by the occupation forces: Tamer Raafat Abdel Rahman Faqha (21 years old), from the Shweika suburb,
Alaa Adeeb Abdel Jaber Shreiteh (45 years old), and Adnan Tayseer Kamel Samara (40 years old), who are from the suburb of Shweika. The city of Tulkarm, and Asal Bashir Tawfiq Badran (42) from Deir Al-Ghusun.

Meanwhile, ambulance crews recovered the body of a fifth martyr from under the rubble of the targeted house and transported him to the Martyr Thabet Thabet Governmental Hospital without knowing his identity until the moment, due to the severe mutilation of his body.

Source: Maan News Agency