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Tihama Farms Yields Bumper Mango Harvest: Over 1,200 Tons Produced

Al-Baha, Tihama area of Al-Baha region is bursting with over 1,200 tons of mangoes grown on 127 farms. These mangoes are famous for their sweetness and are said to be packed with health-enhancing elements.

These tropical treats come in a variety of colors; some are round, others are oval.

A team from the Saudi Press Agency recently visited farms in the Nawan Center of Al-Mikhwah Governorate. There, they met farmer Muhammad bin Ahmed Al-Daheri, who has been cultivating mangoes for some 12 years.

Al-Daheri’s sprawling farm spans 11,000 square meters and boasts around 250 mango tree seedlings, some as high as eight meters.

He relies on a well-maintained irrigation system which ensures that his mango crops thrive. He cultivates approximately 20 different mango varieties renowned in the region.

Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture Branch in Al-Baha Region Director Eng. Fahad Alzahrani said that the 127 mango farms spread across 94 hectares in the governorates and centers of the Tihama sector in Al-B
aha include 75 farms in Al-Mikhwah Governorate and 52 farms in Qilwah. Each hectare produces approximately 10 to 13 tons of mangoes, bringing the total yield for Al-Baha region to an estimated 1,222 tons.

Source: Saudi Press Agency