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UAE affirms its continued support and solidarity with the Lebanese people

Reem bint Ibrahim Al Hashemy, Minister of State for International Cooperation, affirmed the UAE’s continued support for the brotherly Lebanese people in such critical circumstances.

The UAE will continue to assist those affected, whether through direct humanitarian and development assistance or through cooperation with specialized international organizations and partners in the belief that these efforts will work towards enhancing Lebanon’s security, safety, and stability.

This came during Reem Al Hashemy’s participation in the conference on responding to the needs of the Lebanese people, which is being held at the initiative of French President Emmanuel Macron and the United Nations and with the participation of numerous heads of state and representatives of international organizations and civil society entities on the anniversary of the horrific explosion that destroyed the Port of Beirut and large parts of the capital Beirut in August last year.

The conference aims to mobilize additional humanitarian support, evaluate the humanitarian response and its impact, and examine what more can be provided to the Lebanese people for reconstruction, rehabilitation, and economic development.

Al Hashimy explained that UAE support to Lebanon amounted to nearly USD 120 million over the past five years. She pointed out that in recent months, the UAE operated an air bridge of medical and humanitarian supplies, which included the provision of thousands of pieces of medical equipment to alleviate the suffering of injured Lebanese and support frontline healthcare workers. This comes in addition to the medical support provided to contain the COVID-19 pandemic based on the humanitarian values of the UAE and the country’s determination to provide the necessary support and demonstrate solidarity with the brotherly Lebanese people.

She noted that the convening of the conference comes against the backdrop of exceptional and difficult circumstances the Lebanese people are facing as a result of the first anniversary of the Port of Beirut explosion, the deterioration of the health and humanitarian situation as a result of COVID-19, the difficult economic and financial situation, political blockage, and failure to form a government capable of addressing the situation and implementing the necessary reforms to save Lebanon.

She also noted that the UAE hopes for Lebanon to form a competent government capable of bringing about the required change in order for it to regain the confidence of the international community; distance itself from conflict, polarisation, and regional tensions; preserve coexistence; serve the Lebanese national interest; and reject harmful influences such as extremist forces in Lebanese politics, including Lebanese Hezbollah, in order for the Lebanese people to devote themselves to reconstruction to achieve development and prosperity.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation