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UAE’s ‘Operation Gallant Knight/2’: 30 days of continued support, solidarity with Syria

In response to the earthquake that struck Syria last month, which resulted in fatalities, injuries, and building destruction, ‘Operation Gallant Knight/2’ just finished its 30th day of non-stop assistance.

The Operation is one of the most significant forms of support provided by the UAE for the Syrian people, whereby 151 aircraft carrying essential foodstuffs, medicines, and medical supplies totalling 4,925 tonnes were flown.

In the wake of the earthquake, a UAE Search and Rescue squad was dispatched to look for survivors among the wreckage of the collapsed structures. The UAE then gave the search and rescue equipment used in the “Gallant Knight 2” operations to the Syrian Civil Defence. Intensive training courses were also organised to prepare the Syrian Civil Defence teams for any potential disaster in the future.

The Emirates Red Crescent played a major role in delivering food supplies to the affected, meeting their essential needs, assisting hospitals with medications and medical supplies, as well as establishing a camp with 50 tents as a temporary refuge for the earthquake victims.

The UAE also provided Syria with 10 ambulances outfitted with cutting-edge technology to help those impacted by the earthquake.

The UAE continues to provide food, medical supplies, and medications on a regular basis, identify the needs of the healthcare sector, and provide the required medications to support the brotherly people of Syria during the recovery and rehabilitation phase.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation