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UN: All Population in Gaza Are Food Insecure

New York, Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Qu Dongyu said that FAO considers all the civilian population in Gaza to be food insecure.

Dongyu underlined that FAO is fully committed to addressing the pressing humanitarian needs of the population in the Gaza Strip and additional needs emerging in the West Bank to safeguard and restore agriculture-based livelihoods.

“FAO is mobilizing vital agriculture supplies for transport to Gaza once access and resources are made available. In addition, FAO will support agrifood sector assessments on the ground as soon as conditions allow. We are also monitoring the impact of hostilities on food security in the region and beyond,” Dongyu added.

The FAO Director-General reaffirmed the organization’s full commitment to continue and to scale up assistance to the Palestinian people, taking all necessary measures to do so within FAOs mandate.

“Water, food, medicine, and fuel are urgent and self-evident priorities to alleviate human suffering, but we should not forget the importance of emergency agriculture assistance for survival,” Dongyu concluded.

Source: Qatar News Agency