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Unmatched Immersion – Toshiba TV’s M550

HONG KONG, Aug. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Upgrading the viewing experience to more than just immersive and gaming experience to more than just fun, the M550 is one of Toshiba TV’s latest 4K additions to the market that offers, at long last, a truly meaningful alternative to a full-fledged OLED television with just as many impressive features.

Underlying the M550 is Toshiba TV’s VIDAA OS, a swift and responsive operating system that makes the television much easier – and more pleasant – to interact with. Part of the responsiveness is credited to VIDAA’s smart voice control setup, which gives users voice free reign over virtually limitless content available via its universal platform search function. On top of making the M550 exponentially easier to interact with, VIDAA also provides endless access to an array of supported applications on the platform in ways that keep users viewing experience unspoiled.

The M550’s swiftness, however, does not stop here. Equipped with a 60Hz panel, the television also offers exceptional gaming experiences for all gamers alike. Compatible with diverse game refresh rates, the 4k resolution TV intelligently adapts to the right frequency when needed, effectively eliminating stutters, and giving the users a huge uptick in gaming experience.

On the non-gaming front, the M550 offers equally intelligent features that contribute to the lifelike depth of its images. Using adaptive precision backlighting technology, the TV’s Full-array Local Dimming feature, coupled with Quantum Dot, restore to each individual pixel its proper coloration, which makes possible for greater contrasts as well as more uniform color variations without the usual side effects conventional lighting brings, making pictures on screen stunningly vivid.

Forever tuned to the tone of the users voice, the flickers in a game, or the irreplicable nuances of an image on screen, Toshiba TV’s M550 is always ready to stream and game, unmatched in its accessibility, responsiveness, the rich assortment of content it brings, and the immersive experiences it makes available.

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