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Visual Artists to QNA: Qatari Heritage Represents Unlimited Source of Inspiration

Qatari heritage represents a continuous source of artistic and aesthetic inspiration for many artists, and a broad social approach, given its values, ideas, beliefs, customs and traditions that represent the memory of individuals and societies. Heritage is also a source of knowledge, as it reflects the experiences and identity of nations.

In exclusive statements to Qatar News Agency (QNA), a number of Qatari visual artists stressed their deep connections with their national heritage, social and cultural memory and its human dimensions, which gives them a motive for artistic expression and stimulates their imagination to create works of art that reflect the noble content of this heritage.

The artists explained the broad significance of the concept of heritage and its multiplicity of dimensions, to include different aspects of human memory, society, stories of the past, and the elements of the environment and nature that represent the scene of this life, and this existence over time.

Speaking to Qatar News Agency (QNA), Mohammed Al Ateeq Al Dosari highlighted the interconnectedness of the concepts of heritage and modernity since the beginning of his artistic experience, adding that the concept of heritage is broad and includes stories and tales of parents and grandparents, the conditions of society in the past and the changes that occurred in social life.

Al Dosari, whose works are full of elements of the environment and the scent of the soil of the homeland, said that the best model that reflects his experience in this field is the 3D model of Acacia-Tree Seed that was launched by Qatar Museums in the Post Office Park, in cooperation with the Public Works Authority (Ashghal) and the Ministry of Municipality, as part of Doha’s FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 hosting.

Hassan Bujassoum told QNA that he draws his artistic works from heritage, especially the aspect related to intimacy and the social and human dimension of the place with its ancient architecture, stressing his celebration of heritage as an integral part of human identity.

He added that the social environment in the old Qatari neighborhoods where parents and grandparents lived were a constant source of inspiration for his artistic works.

Artist Ahmed Noah said that he draws inspiration for his creative works and paintings from his environment mixed with his memories and feelings, and sees heritage as a source of visions and a rich source of inspiration, from which the artist draws aesthetic and spiritual values.

He added that his relationship with heritage is mutual, as heritage gives him ideas, feelings and fantasies, and the artist renews and revives it by contemplation and employment in his creative work.

He emphasized that the broadening of the concept of heritage gives the artist in general and the visual artist in particular a space for contemplation, inspiration, and employment in creative works.

Source: Qatar News Agency