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Where Brilliant Art meets Sophistication – The Toshiba TV X8900K

HONG KONG, Oct. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Art and style are the hallmarks of modern interior design, and the Toshiba TV X8900K is designed to epitomize true class. Give the room a burst of color with the X8900K’s trendy VIDAA Art screensavers; a finely curated collection of millions of art pieces by artists from all over the world. With the Toshiba TV X8900K doubling as an in-house art gallery, the beauty in each frame keeps the room in consistent sophistication, in between TV times.

The Toshiba TV X8900K takes matchless elegance a notch higher with its 4K 120Hz OLED screen; designed to deliver more than good visuals. With its distinguishing self-lighting feature, the X8900K OLED screen brings rich depth and fine textures to every pixel with vivid colors and the perfect black. The perfect black fine-tunes shadow details in the darkest scenes for flawless, infinite contrast; delivering every image on the TV in high definition with no backlight dullness or blurry impact. Enjoy the most pristine picture details from every angle of the TV screen with family and friends on the Toshiba TV X8900K.

In addition to excelling in its visual renditions, the X8900K is crafted for powerful audio impact. Supporting the world-class Dolby Atmos, the Toshiba TV X8900K is built to elevate powerful sounds from the screen to people’s ears and immerse them in surreal audio entertainment. Relish the motions and deepness of users’ favorite content scenarios without lagging or impaired audio quality.

The true essence of cinematic home entertainment is preserved in the alluring world of surreal visuals and the complimenting superlative audio. Whether it is a movie or the favorite show, or a game, the Toshiba TV X8900K keeps the viewing experience immaculate. When not in use, the X8900K maintains its magnificence, thanks to its plethora of artful screensavers.

To find out more about the X8900K series and the brand’s latest products that deliver the most brilliant cinematic experiences, stay tuned to Toshiba TV on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube.

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