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‘EWA keen to provide the best electricity services’

Electricity and Water Authority (EWA) President, Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed, has affirmed that EWA will continue implementing implement major strategic projects aimed at raising the capacity, efficiency, reliability and quality of electricity transmission and distribution networks, promoting safe operation and maintaining the stability of the electrical system of the Kingdom.

EWA President was speaking while visiting the site of the Reactive Power Compensation Project at the Riffa station, to follow up on the progress of the construction work.

Implemented by EWA, the project, valued at about BD 34 million, is expected to be inaugurated in the last quarter of this year.

Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed indicated that the project is within EWA’s master plan to develop and modernise the facilities connected to the electricity and water networks in the Kingdom, in line with Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030, to keep pace with the country’s economic growth and to establish the necessary infrastructure within the highest levels capable of meeting the growing demand for electricity and water for the purposes of urban, industrial, commercial and residential development and expansion, noting that the ultimate goal is to provide better services to the citizens and residents.

EWA President asserted said that this vital project represents a qualitative leap in the quality of delivered services, aimed at increasing the satisfaction of subscribers by providing safe, reliable and advanced electrical services.

He praised the level of quality at the projects, and expressed thanks to all the workers for their efforts. He also stressed the need to adhere to all requirements of occupational and environmental safety and health during the implementation of the project to meet international quality levels.

Source: Bahrain News Agency