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Huawei’s Petal Search Sets Roots in MEA, Climbs to Top 2 Mobile Search Engines in the Region

SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A year since its inception in 2020, Petal Search – a Huawei-developed intelligent mobile search engine that comes pre-installed on the brand’s new smartphones – has achieved phenomenal success in the MEA region. According to Statcounter’s metrics, Petal Search currently ranks among the top 2 mobile search engines used in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, and is within the top 3 mobile search engines in South Africa, the UAE, Tunisia, and Pakistan. The mobile search engine has achieved stunning growth in key operating countries – its market share has doubled in six countries within MEA, including Morocco, South Africa, Tunisia.

Having set roots in the region, Petal Search continues to expand its reach, crossing new milestones thanks to the support of users.

Going Glocal: Huawei constantly innovates to meet region’s needs

Recognising that user satisfaction is at the heart of its success, Petal Search is constantly innovating to cater to its customers in the MEA region by delivering services tailor-made for their convenience.

 Huawei takes the country specific constraints faced by consumers into consideration when devising new features for Petal Search to make browsing the easy, intuitive experience it’s meant to be. In Asia and Africa, users face the pain points of high traffic fees and low network transmission speed.

In particular, transferring files such as music, pictures, and videos over networks tend to consume a large amount of traffic, leading to strong demand for free-of-traffic transmission by users in these localities. Noting this, Petal Search introduced stream free transmission with the launch of Huawei’s Nova 8, a move which soon paid off in terms of substantial user activity improvement.

Additionally, Petal Search includes handy, user-oriented functions like One-stop download & share scenes, where consumers can download and quick-share their favourite apps via the search engine.

Petal Search goes global by going local

Petal Search aims to expand globally by being, foremost, a local mobile search engine, customised to the unique climate and culture of each country, as it has done within the MEA region.

Petal Search features Localised News Content Searches, as well as Automatic Push Scenarios (APS), in Central and Eastern Africa, allowing users to catch up on the hottest sporting events like the Olympic Games to track momentous national achievements, such as South Africa winning its first medal in Tokyo, the latest local news, and essential Covid-19 notifications.

Beyond those updates, the APS in Central and Eastern Africa Countries provides information on holiday celebrations, travel news, and more. Avid shoppers will be thrilled to find that sales are included in the APS – with Petal Search, they’ll never have to fear missing out on the best bargains. Sports fans can also rejoice, as notifications regarding events such as cricket and football matches will be delivered promptly to them with the APS.

Furthermore, the mobile search engine is constantly working on improving its nifty Home Page Customisation, which offers consumers the option of customising their icons with local sites in their countries in the icon customization module on the home page.

Petal Search is committed to ensuring the safety and health of users

With its cutting-edge technology, Petal Search strives to protect customers. Its APS offers detailed updates on Covid-19 in users’ locations within the MEA region, including new cases, vaccinations, and possible new waves of transmission, allowing users to take the necessary steps to safeguard themselves and those around them.

Petal Search’s APS keeps users cool – quite literally, with its local high-temperature weather notifications. In Kuwait, when temperatures run high during heatwaves, these reminders are activated to inform users of temperatures above 45 degrees Celsius.

When the temperature looks set to increase beyond this point within 24 hours, Petal Search’s automatically sends out a copy of a push notification, alerting anyone planning to head outside, or people who are already out and about to pay attention to the heat. A maximum of one copy of this notification can be sent every day to keep the temperature warning pertinent, without being intrusive.

Petal Search continues to flourish

By putting the user first and designing innovations tailored to the specific needs of consumers, Huawei’s Petal Search has successfully set roots in the MEA region, achieving spectacular results a year after its 2020 launch.

Petal Search’s user-focused innovations in overseas markets has boosted its popularity rapidly, allowing the search engine to record ground-breaking growth. With smart technology combined with local partnerships, Petal Search continues its trajectory towards the goal of being a global mobile search engine by going local in MEA.

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