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Islamic Arts Biennale Welcomes over 425,000 Visitors Since Opening

Themed “First House”, in reference to the Holy Ka’bah in Makkah, the Islamic Arts Biennale 2023, organised by the Diriyah Biennale Foundation at the Western Hajj Terminal at King Abdulaziz International Airport, continues to welcome visitors until May 23, helping them immerse in a multi-sensory journey through the past, present and future of the Islamic arts. This exhibition aims at increasing awareness and reflection on this type of Islamic arts and at providing unique opportunities for learning and research.

Since its opening on January 23, 2023, the Islamic Arts Biennale has received more than 425,000 visitors. It features works of over 40 artists from around the globe, over 50 pieces of new style, 280 artefacts and over 15 never-before-exhibited artefacts exhibited in four galleries, two pavilions, and an outdoor area. Alongside the biennale is “Al Madar”, a satellite exhibition that serves to open doors to future collaborations and partnerships.

Spread across 118,000 square metres of space, the Islamic Arts Biennale 2023 is a first-of-its-kind exhibition that conveys a holistic perspective of Islamic art as a living tradition that connects past, present, and future.

Source: Saudi Press Agency