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Justice Ministry, LMRA launch joint initiative to provide administrative assistance to registered workers in filing civil lawsuits

The Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments and the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) announced a joint initiative for providing administrative assistance in filing civil lawsuits for workers registered with approved labour registration centres, following the initiative launched by the Ministry and LMRA in 2020, facilitating the filing of labour cases by expatriate workers.

According to the joint initiative, the LMRA, represented by the Protection and Grievances Centre, will provide administrative assistance to registered workers in filing and following up the progress of civil lawsuits related to their authorized profession, through the electronic system created for this purpose. The system will provide the applicant with all the information needed to review the progress of the application, from the filing of the case until the issuance of the judgment, as well as providing a list of registered lawyers to seek legal advice in disputes related to these cases.

As per the initiative, LMRA shall continue to provide administrative assistance to workers registered in the approved labour registration centres, by processing civil lawsuits at the behest of the workers, entering any new requests like changes in information and contact numbers, or submitting documents, and printing statements, decisions, rationale and working of the judgment or any other documents related to the case, via the system on behalf of the worker and as per the Ministry’s procedures. Meanwhile the Ministry will provide all technical support to LMRA to perform its aforementioned duties. LMRA will also provide qualified translators in the various languages spoken by the workers.

The Minister of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments, Nawaf bin Mohammed Al Maawadah affirmed the importance of this cooperation which comes within the framework of joint government action to provide administrative assistance to the registered workers to benefit from the administrative facilities available in the field of litigation provided by the Kingdom of Bahrain to attain justice in all aspects in particular to filing of civil lawsuits for workers and the protection of their rights.

Nouf Abdulrahman Jamsheer, the CEO of the Labour Market Regulatory Authority and Head of the National Committee for Combating Trafficking in Persons, said that cooperation with the Ministry of Justice comes within strengthening the unified government framework to achieve justice for all, and the Kingdom’s commitment to reinforce the protection system and enable all workers to secure their rights and gains and redress in labour and civil cases, and protect them from exposure to attempts of exploitation or extortion and any other form of abuse.

Source: Bahrain News Agency