Premium auto brand EXEED to enter Iraq market

BAGHDAD, April 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Premium automobile brand EXEED, after making its Russian debut earlier this year, received unanimous high praise from Russian drivers and was awarded the distinction of “Breakthrough of the Year” by Russian media. EXEED is now scheduled to soon enter the Iraqi market.


A new entrant in the global high-end automotive market, EXEED, an automobile manufacturer that has inherited the accumulation of some hundred years of experience in the European car industry, has brought on board hundreds of competent designers and engineers with profound experiences from BMW, Jaguar Land Rover and other European carmakers. EXEED has incorporated into its production processes the latest intelligent technologies from around the world, empowering the automaker in its challenge to traditional premium car brands. The brand stands apart from its rivals by virtue of its lineup of vehicles that can withstand extreme weather conditions, as evidenced by the results of tests performed at the extreme low outside temperature of -50°C, at the extreme high of 55°C that can be experienced in Middle East deserts as well as amid the rugged conditions found atop South America’s 3,750-meter-high Altiplano.

EXEED comes equipped with a proprietary four-wheel drive architecture, a spacious interior, an intelligent panoramic sunroof as well as heat insulation and sun protection. The premium luxury leather seats and two 12.3-inch HD LCD screens empower a high-end and comfortable experience. In addition, the top-class Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) ensures safe driving.

EXEED is scheduled to make debuts in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar in 2022 and is preparing to enter the Iraqi market. Two of Iraq’s leading dealers are now also in talks with the automaker. The car is on track to start appearing in Iraqi showrooms later this year.

EXEED aims to exceed and transcend traditional expectations and limits and lead the automobile industry to a new frontier with continuous breakthroughs in technology and experience. The entry into Iraq is expected to deliver a premium driving experience to local consumers.

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