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UDST Celebrates International University Sport Week

The University of Doha for Science and Technology (UDST) celebrated the International University Sport Week (IUSW) by hosting a series of entertaining and engaging sports activities across campus, showcasing its commitment to sport for all, and fostering further international collaboration.

The week was an opportunity for the entire UDST community to participate in a diverse range of team games and physical exercise, helping to highlight the enormous role that physical activity plays in a healthy lifestyle.

The dynamic five-day event coincided with the UNESCO-recognized and globally renowned International Day of University Sport (IDUS), organized by the International University Sports Federation (FISU), of which UDST holds Platinum status.

Regarding this initiative, the President of UDST Dr. Salem Al Naemi that the IUSW is more than just a celebration of athleticism. UDST uses sports as a platform for the University community and the wider public to come together. It is part of every culture and a powerful tool to encourage positivity, performance and teamwork.

This a reflection of UDST’s commitment to health, wellness, and community engagement, and one of the reasons the university is a FISU Healthy Campus award winner. By bridging the gap between sport and academia, UDST aims to inspire future generations to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle, setting the precedent for post-secondary educational institutions in Qatar, Al Naemi added.

He said that the resounding success and the overwhelming positive feedback from last year’s inaugural IUSW ensured that this year’s program was equally inclusive and exciting, in which the Fun Olympics took center stage and captured the hearts of the audience.

Source: Qatar News Agency