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Windpower Monthly Names SANY SE-17260 One of Top 10 Onshore Wind Turbines (5.6MW-plus) of 2022

BEIJING, Feb. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SANY Renewable Energy (“SANY” or “the Company”) is proud to announce that the Company’s SE-17260 wind turbine was recently named one of the Top 10 Onshore Wind Turbines (5.6MW-plus) of 2022 by Windpower Monthly, the globally leading magazine that covers the world’s wind power sector. This is the second consecutive year that SANY Renewable Energy’s SE-17260 has received such a prestigious recognition, which is a testament to the turbine’s outstanding performance, reliability, and efficiency, and the company’s standing in the global wind energy industry.

“The high ranking from Windpower Monthly once again confirms SANY Renewable Energy’s position as one of the world-leading wind energy powerhouses and innovators. Wind energy technology is taking the lead in driving global green innovation, and the rapid evolution of wind energy is powering a new opportunity as a low-price and efficient renewable source for the world to achieve net-zero ambition. SANY Renewable Energy will build on its expertise in renewables to drive technological breakthroughs for wind energy, bringing more value to customers with high-quality products and services while creating a greener future with intelligent manufacturing,” said Zhou Fugui, Chairman of SANY Renewable Energy.

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SANY Renewable Energy’s SE-17260, a member of the 6.XMW series, has had a stellar market performance since its global debut. In 2022, the generator achieved an impressive order intake of 2400MW and has been installed at several projects in China, including Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Gansu, and Hebei province. In the same year, all sixty-four 6.25 MW onshore wind turbines in the  Beidaqiao Seventh Wind Farm, the first large-scale commercial wind energy project in China featuring 6.XMW models, were connected to the grid for power generation, with a total installed capacity of the project reaching up to 400MW.

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SANY Renewable Energy’s 6.XMW onshore platforms are equipped with a single-bearing design for the main drive chain and feature a 35kV transformer above the nacelle. Optimized by state-of-the-art control technology, system design, and digital simulation technology, SANY’s wind turbines are lighter, safer, more stable and more intelligent. The ranking that places SANY’s SE-17260 as one of the best onshore wind turbines highlights its robust market competitiveness and technological leadership.

Looking forward, SANY Renewable Energy will continue to remain focused on its technological vision to develop higher tower, larger power generation, and lighter weight with longer blades and stronger intelligent capabilities, providing cost-effective wind energy solutions to bring down the costs of wind farms. This will not only help bring higher value to customers but also enable the global economy to accelerate toward decarbonization targets.

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